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integral psychologist - English speaking therapist - Maastricht - Monique
Relationship Counselling Maastricht
Grote Looiersstraat 28 a
6211 JJ Maastricht
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✓ I also offer online therapy

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Relationship Counselling Maastricht

English speaking therapist: 

these are the matters you might be struggling with: 

  • your communication skills, how can we improve this

  • an affair, how to deal with the impact of an affair 

  • when you are considering a divorce, can we get more insight in our couples dynamics

  • can we clarify the question: stay or leave? we are parents

  • can we learn how to stay good parents after divorce

  • how can we move on together after divorce, emotional mediation..

  • is it possible, even after divorce, to get back together again?

  • can we find out what is left

  • what happend to our romantic and erotic life...

If you want to know more or make an appointment, feel free to contact me.


Online therapy

  • online therapy is possible, flexibility regarding different time zones.

  • for online sessions I use PGO Gezondheidsmeter,privacyproof Zoom - sessions

  • for couples with children: we can work, online, after the children are in bed 

  • two careers: also available on saturday mornings. 

  • blended consultation: a combination of online and facetoface sessions 

Where ever you are I can be there with you.

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic

We will continue to follow the 1,5 m. distance rules, wash your hands, do not touch the doors, cough and sneeze in your elbow.  Please contact me if you have any healthissues one day before our appointment. We can continue, but will work online instead.



Individuals :      90      euro per session of one hour
Couples:           67,50 euro per session of one hour per person

Most Health insurance companies do not provide for couples therapy.

Individual therapy is covered partly by most health insurance companies.
Please check with your company.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 11.00-21.30
Tuesday 09.30-21.30
Wednesday 09.30-21.30
Thursday 09.30-21.30
Friday 09.30-15.00
Saturday 09.30-12.30
Sunday -


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Great, you are taking the first step.
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